Road trip day 24: Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary

Planning to do a road trip on the west coast of Australia? Stay a night at the Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary! This was our best overnight stop during our road trip!

Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary

Roughly 5 hours north of Perth and just outside Geraldton, you will find Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary. We found this hidden gem via the Wikicamps app. You can make a booking by sending a message to Ian, the owner, and his wife Chaliaw. In exchange for helping with the animals and a small donation, you can stay at their campground.

Waminda means peace and tranquility in the aboriginal language. It is an 11 acres farm that takes care of injured animal and gives them shelter, food and a lot of love. Some animals will be released into the wild again after their treatment, but that’s not always possible, for those animals they will have a forever home at Waminda. Waminda is also fully self-sufficient with solar panels, windmills and they grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

You will find lots of different animals at Waminda who all came in injured or who had lost their mum. At the moment they have dingoes, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, parrots, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, a peacock and the friendliest and laziest Rottweiler in the world called One.

Our experience with Waminda Wildlife Sanctuary

When we arrived, the owner showed us the parking / campsite for the visitors. There is not much, just a toilet, water tap (not drinkable) and a table but if was more than enough for us as our car is fully equipped. We arrived in the late afternoon so we didn’t have much time to explore the area before it got dark. We decided to just cook some dinner and go to bed early as we had to meet the owner at 6.30 am for the feeding of the animals.

When we were having dinner, a few curious kangaroos and emus came by and welcomed us on the campground. One of the kangaroos was tame and just wanted to cuddle. Even after seeing so many kangaroos in Australia, I’m just getting as excited as the first time when I see them.


The next morning we had to gather early at the main animal area to help Ian with the feeding of the animals. It was only us and a single traveller so we had all the time to get to know the animals. Firstly we were going to bottle feed the baby goats, they had lost their mum in a car accident. They were so cute and they kept following us around asking for more milk.


After that, it was time to feed the mature kangaroos and emus. I was always a bit afraid of the emus as their beak is at eye level and they don’t always look that friendly. Ian explained to me that the males can be a bit protective in the wild but here they are used to people and it actually doesn’t hurt if they pick you as their beak is really soft. He convinced me to try it and I end up spending a half hour hand feeding the emus and kangaroos. I loved it!


It was time to enter the aviary to feed all the parrots and parakeets. Here we saw the cutest and most beautiful parrot we had ever seen called Heath. Heath is a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo who lost a leg in a car accident. He loves cuddles and food and was Ed’s favourite animal of the sanctuary.




After all the animal fun it was breakfast time and Chaliaw had prepared a delicious breakfast for us with bread, eggs fruit and tea. This was definitely the best breakfast we had on our road trip. As a little surprise, the baby wallabies and kangaroos were hopping around the house and I got to bottle feed the cutest wallaby in the world called Speedy.


It was all such an amazing experience we will never forget and Ian and Chaliaw are the warmest hosts who do a great job to make all the animals and guests happy. We were more than happy to help them with the animals and by giving them a donation for all the good work they do.

If you are travelling along the west coast and want a great and honest Aussie experience, please do visit Waminda! The best and honest wildlife experience you will find in Australia!

Please contact them to make a booking! 

Contact number Ian & Chaliaw: +61 428 381 762

Address: 432 David Road, Waggrakine, Geraldton, WA


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