Top 15 places we have visit in 2015!

Time flies when you are having fun! 2015 was for us a year full of highlights and traveling. It is the year where we travelled for the first time together, the year where we started with this travel blog and the year where we lived together in Malaysia, traveled in Malaysia, traveled in Cambodia, Traveled in Sumatra, met each other families in Europe and moved together to Australia. Here a list with the 15 top places we have visit in 2015! (not in particular order)

Destinations 2015; 1. Wild Orang Utans in Bukit Lawang, Sumatra

We did an amazing 3 days hike in the dense jungle of Bukit Lawang together with a local guide and another couple. We spotted so many wild Orang Utans, Thomas Leaf Monkeys, Gibbons and Macaques.  It was definitely one of the best experience of our life to sleep in the jungle and getting to see the Orang Utans and other wildlife.


bukit lawang

Destinations 2015; 2. Diving with Manta Rays at Manta Point, Bali

This was a dream coming true! Of course it is not guaranteed that you will see the Giant Manta Rays, but we were the lucky ones to see 5 Manta Rays in total when we were diving at Manta Point near Bali.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 3. Koh Rong 

Koh Rong was the perfect end of our travels in Cambodia. After a few intense days in Phnon Phen and Angkor Wat, we needed some relaxation and cheap drinks/food. Koh Rong is definitely a party island with numerous bars full of travellers.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 4. Sipadan, Malaysian Borneo 

Sipadan, well known as one of the best dive spots in the world. You have to get permits in advance as there are only 60 divers a day allowed around Sipadan. We did 3 dives on 1 day, and all 3 dive spots were absolutely stunning. You get to see hundreds of turtles, reef sharks and black/white tips sharks each dive.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the city where we met each other and where we lived for 1,5 year. We met so many great people here and it was definitely the place we called home in 2015.


Destinations 2015;6. Perhentian Island, Malaysia 

Perhentian Island is definitely my favourite island in Malaysia. Crystal clear sea, white beaches, beach party’s and beautiful dive sites. I have been to this beautiful island 3 times in 2015, just couldn’t get enough of it! Read here more about Perhentian Island on our blog.

Perhentian Kecil

Destinations 2015; 7. Pulau Weh, Sumatra  

Pulau Weh, a quiet but beautiful island just off the coast of West-Sumatra. We spent 5 days here exploring all the dive sites, which were very beautiful and diverse. We stayed in a cute chalet with sea view for only a few dollars a night.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 8. Seminyak Vulcano, Sumatra 

Climbing an active volcano has been long on my bucket list. Finally, in Sumatra we had the chance to do it. Seminyak Vulcano is an easy to reach volcano and the trekking to the top takes you only 3 hours and is fairly easy. Breathtaking views from the crater of the volcano!

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 9. Bako National Park, Malaysian Boneo

Bako National Park is one of the best places to spot wildlife in Borneo quiet easily. Because of it;s small size, you have a big chance to spot the rare proboscis monkeys. Staying a night in the National Park was definitely a high light as you get to see most of the wildlife right before/after sunrise/sunset. Read here more about our experiences in Bako National Park.

Proboscis Monkey

Destinations 2015; 10. Tioman Island, Malaysia 

Tioman, another beautiful island on the east coast of Malaysia and perfect for diving. I did my Advanced Open Water course here and Ed his Open Water course.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 11. Temples of Angkor Wat 

Sunrise at Angkor Wat is breathtaking! We spent 1,5 day to see all the temples. An Absolutely magical place!

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 12. Phnom Phen, Cambodia 

The contrasts of Phnom Phen, a colourful city with an horrible history.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 13. Kinabatangan River, Malaysian Borneo

The Kinabatangan River is THE place to spot wildlife in Borneo. We stayed 2 nights at a home stay whereby the owner took us on different river cruises in search for wildlife. He worked with David Attenborough before and is known as the best wildlife spotter in that area. We were the lucky ones to come across wild Orang Utans, Probisucus monkeys, crocodiles, Borneo Phygmy Elephants, snakes, hornbills and many more.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 14. ADE, Netherlands 

Amsterdam Dance Event is the biggest dance event of the world and we were there last October to experience it! 5 days of partying in the best clubs and with the best techno dj’s of the world.

destinations 2015

Destinations 2015; 15. Great Ocean Road, Australia 

The Great Ocean Road was our first road trip in Australia and definitely a beautiful one! The views along the road are amazing and the national parks are a perfect base for camping. Read here more about our adventures along the Great Ocean Road.


What was your favourite destinations in 2015?

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