Chocolate and Wine Tasting in the Swan Valley

Swan Valley located to the north east of Perth is perfect if you fancy a naughty half day outside the city chocolate and wine tasting. I was more interested in the wine and the chocolate liqueurs, naturally.

Swan Valley a small gem of Australian wines

In terms of wine regions Swan Valley is a bit of unknown compared to the famous ones. Yarra Valley in Victoria, Barossa Valley in South Australia my lips drooling at the thought of those glorious knock your socks off Shiraz and the Margaret River which is just down the road (a days drive away). This doesn’t make it worth skipping like a kangaroo, oh no, there are some beautiful and delightful wineries in the area.

I was sans Dutchie, this time in Sydney learning how to sell overpriced tours to unsuspecting first time backpackers, I jest. Luckily I had cousins in Perth so I was drinking alone not that would stop me I might add, also it meant I didn’t have to drive. And now we come onto the annoyance I have with wine tasting, the ability to move between wineries or lack of. You have more or less three options; You have a nominated Des, I always try my hardest to get out of this, two you book a tour see above to see why you shouldn’t book a tour haha and finally you spit. Now spitting is a waste and I was also told it was rude to spit so not an option. There is bike hire in Swan Valley but it’s technically illegal to ride under the influence so I think the rule there is don’t get caught. Lucky for me I had a Des.

The Margaret River Chocolate Company

First stop was the chocolate factory which apparently enough originated in Margaret River not the Swan Valley. Confused? You shouldn’t be. The place was pretty packed I might add with free samples of milk, dark and white chocolate, most appearing to be on the floor instead of peoples mouths. Now I haven’t got a huge sweet tooth and judging by the mess neither had anyone else, boom, boom! So if chocolate is your thing then it’s worth checking out for sure, just make sure you get it in your mouth.

What did catch my eye was some wines and also chocolate liqueurs, all were tried just to test the consistency of the product on sale and everything passed with flying colours and the liqueurs were better than expected. I’m not going to say my favourite as everyone has different tastes so basically try them all.

swan valley

swan valley

swan valley

Black Swan Wines

Next stop on the wino tour of the Swan Valley was Black Swan Wines, I’m amusing by the name they got in to the wine business early. They had a good selection of reds and whites although they do charge for tasting so make sure you don’t spit! The old Chardonnay was the best of the whites and any of the reds were excellent apart from the Shiraz, the Swan Valley doesn’t do a Shiraz anywhere near as good as the Barossa Valley.

All in all the worth a stop if your not spitting as they charge $10 for a full tasting.

swan valley

swan valley

swan valley

Ambrook Wines

Last stop of the day was Ambrook Wines which if I remember correctly was a charming little winery, again I worked my way through the reds like a champion so much so I forgot to take any pictures so I have no recollection of the good, the bad and maybe the ugly.

I do remember two lovely dogs and have a glass of one of the reds so it must be a thumbs up.

swan valley

The sum of the Swan Valley

Well as this post lacks photos and an exact memory of which wines were tasted, which were the best this should make for a pretty shoddy post, but the way I look at it a fun and enjoy time must of been had so much so photos and notes were forgotten. So get your self down to the Swan Valley, I think!

swan valley


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