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We're Ed & Janieke, a couple who met eachother while working in Malaysia and now on our way to travel the world together! Edward, the Brit Monkey, is an hot air balloon Pilot and Janieke, the Dutch Monkey, a travel specialist. We both share the passion for Scuba Diving, festivals, photography, tasting international foods, trekking over mountains, relaxing on beaches, drinking red wine and drinking copious amounts of gin tonics. We yonder the world in search of off-the-beaten path destinations, authentic cultural experiences, wild adventures and the best beaches. Together we have have explored South East Asia, lived for 1.5 year in Malaysia, danced like there was no tomorow in the best techno clubs of Europe and are now living our life in Australia.

We use this website to share our advice, secrets and stories from our travels to show how you can turn your travels into a lifestyle.


Our Passions

Stuff we love.

Baskes views of sunrises, sunsets, the English countryside and the worlds biggest cities.


From our first encounter with Nemo to diving with sharks and Manta Rays.


Dutch Stroopwafels, English Pie, Sarawak Laksa, Malaysian Beef Rendang. You name it, we”ll eat it.


From the biggest festivals to the most obscure underground clubs in the world.

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